Positively Peaceful 432Hz

Here at Positivity Radio, we like to mix things up. We know our listeners love the decades, calming and sleep stations, but we are also excited to introduce radio stations featuring Solfeggio frequencies, which are believed to have a positive effect on the body and mind.

Benefits: Pain relief, cellular healing, immune system support, improved sleep, stress reduction, improved emotional balance and enhanced spiritual awareness.

Each Solfeggio tone is believed to have a range of unique benefits for healing and well-being. These frequencies, dating back to ancient times, are said to align with the natural vibrations of the universe and the human body, promoting physical and emotional health. The music on our energy stations is based on the scientific concept of resonance, as each frequency is thought to resonate with different parts of the body. There is significant anecdotal evidence from practitioners and individuals who report positive effects from listening to these frequencies. Personal experience is the best judge, so tune in to a frequency and tune out of the world.

Key frequencies include 396 Hz for releasing fear and guilt, 417 Hz for facilitating change, 528 Hz for DNA repair, 639 Hz for enhancing relationships, 741 Hz for problem-solving and expression and 852 Hz for spiritual awakening.

Please speak to a medical professional if you have a health concern. The Solfeggio Frequencies are a complementary option and do not replace professional advice.

Positively Peaceful – 432 Hz – Harmony and Nature

432 Hz is often referred to as the “natural tuning” frequency, aligning with the mathematical patterns of the universe. It is believed to promote harmony, reduce anxiety, and bring a sense of peace and well-being. This frequency is thought to resonate with the human body’s natural frequency, enhancing overall balance and emotional stability.

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